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I will personally help you face your fears and overcome your anxieties by turning your fears into faith; break all barriers and limitations to stretch you to your full capacity and birth out the hidden treasures within you.

As a coach I have the ability and expertise to see in people what they don't see in themselves. My main task is to give you clarity and to teach you how to pull out the purpose within you. Some of my clients already know their purpose but need that extra push to walk into it boldly and without fear.

Almost like a spiritual mid-wife needing someone to instruct you on when it's the right time to push and when to breathe, so you will deliver your purpose on time and full term, not prematurely or give up and abort it all together because of lack of knowledge.​

This is a specific kind of coaching, It’s not counselling in the traditional sense, its a lot more than just talking about your hurts or problems, We will come up with a strategic way to overcome them so you can move forward and push past all your pain, hurt and failures. Using it to push you into your purpose.

Prophetic Empowerment 6 weeks Mentorship

Is this you?

* You need help finding balance in your personal and professional life. You realize life is about more than just making money; it's about creating healthy relationships, beginning with the relationship you have with yourself.

* You're your own worst enemy, the one preventing your own success in life, and you need help ending the cycle of self-sabotage and procrastination.

* You struggle with getting your ideas off the ground and need a customized plan of action that will set you up for success.

* You're not sure whether or not you're in the right niche and need clarity and direction concerning what business and business model is right for you.

* You need help discovering your purpose in life.

* You need help developing your brand, positioning yourself as the expert (the go-to person) in your field, and securing quality clients for your business.

It's Time To
Knock Down The Walls of Limitations...

that are holding you back from success in your business.
NO MORE...procrastination!
NO MORE...self-sabotage!
NO MORE...limiting beliefs preventing you from operating at your full potential!
IT'S skyrocket your income and create the life of your dreams!


You'll gain clarity and direction concerning your purpose, what niche you should be in, and the mental and emotional roadblocks preventing you from experiencing success.


You'll gain an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan of action for your business that will eliminate fear and confusion, and enable you to confidently pursue your goals.


You'll finally have the tools and the strategy needed to experience tangible results, grow your revenue right away, and regain your time...and life.


If you are looking to be developed, stretched, activated, and prophetically pushed in your God-given assignment then The Prophetic Empowerment Mentorship Program is for you.

Are you ready to be mentored by Award winning #1 Expert Empowerment Coach Prophetess Dr. Venesia Williams

Please note all payments are Final, Nonrefundable, Nontransferable.

Missing deadlines for submissions / final payments will forfeit all or selected opportunities so don’t miss this special offer and please make sure you meet deadlines.

Shipping requires for gift upon completion & any extra resources that will need to be shipped.


£999.00 Regular Price
£555.00Sale Price
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