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The Empowerment Club Ltd welcomes individuals from various backgrounds: pastors, ministry leaders, professionals, innovators, volunteers, entrepreneurs, academics, humanitarians, and anyone passionate about making a positive impact and spreading hope through their endeavors. Anyone seeking spiritual growth and empowerment is encouraged to apply.

Embark on a condensed journey with us:

Week 1-2: Christian Leadership Basics

- Introduction to biblical leadership principles

- Developing a servant leader mindset

- Enhancing communication skills for ministry

Week 3-4: Spiritual Growth & Discipleship

- Deepening personal spiritual disciplines

- Strategies for nurturing spiritual growth

- Practical methods for disciple-making

Week 5-6: Ministry Essentials

- Planning and executing ministry initiatives

- Effective outreach and evangelism strategies

- Building community within your ministry

Week 7-8: Leadership Application & Vision

- Putting leadership principles into practice

- Overcoming ministry challenges

- Clarifying your vision and setting goals

Engage in interactive sessions, group activities, and personal reflection to elevate your leadership impact in just 8 weeks!l

Consider the following:

- Licensed Minister: Suitable for those new to preaching and teaching, allowing them to perform ministerial duties under supervision. Recommended for individuals with less than 2 years of ministry experience.

- Ordained Minister: Geared towards seasoned individuals with significant ministry experience, enabling them to independently perform ministerial duties. Requires demonstrated faith maturity and leadership.

Additional considerations:

- Review the qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-13.

- Seek guidance from your pastor or mentor regarding your calling.

- Individuals pursuing biblical knowledge without seeking ordination or licensing will receive a course completion certificate.


£1,250.00 Regular Price
£1,000.00Sale Price
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